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Primaterra Sangiovese
True to variety with Saniovese's signature cherry aromas, pronounced yet balanced acidity. The finish is clean and gentle with lingering notes of spice. 
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Aromas of rich plums, dark cherries, chocolate and savory herbs. On the palate, lush plums and cherry fruit with undertones of mocha.
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Seghesio Angela's Table Zinfindel
Tantalizing raspberry, blueberry, classic briary and spicy flavors with a balance of components. 
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Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich fruit flavors of currant, blackberry and ripe plum with hints of black tea on the palate. 
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The Stag Cabernet Sauvignon
Full. ripe, balanced with powerful dark fruit/dark chocolate flavors and underlying savory oak.
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Boen Pinot Noir
Intense aromas of cherry, dark chocolate, coconut, black licorice and a hint of toast, along with smoked meat, blueberry and barrel spice. The palate is lush with a raisin and dried strawberry character. 


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Fantinel One and Only Rose
Classically pink in color, with a fine intense bouquet, recalling red currents, wild strawberries and raspberries and a pleasant background of crusty bread. Palate is velvety and elegant. 
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Stellina Di Notte Prosecco
A Brut-style sparkling wine that offers crisp citrus, white peach and almond brioche flavors. Delicate bubbles. 


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Primaterra Pinot Grigio
Crisp, clean and refreshing with hints of apples and fresh flowers. 
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Mer Soleil Unoaked Chardonnay
Ripe peach and nectarine flavors. Features a juicy texture that's broad and layered. 
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Hess Select Chardonnay
Tantalizing tropical notes and crisp acidity with just a bit of toasty oak. 
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Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc
Fresh and vibrant grapefruit, lemon and crisp apple aromas. 
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Conundrum White Blend
Initial sweetness is balanced by natural acidity, and a hint of oak that plays with flavors of peach, apple and citrus.
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Allegro Moscato
Fresh and fragrant, offering intense floral and fruit aromas reminiscent of citrus blossoms, apricots and peaches.